Fix ! post removed by Instagram

Hello everyone

hope all of you’re fine my brothers

i really appreciate your replies on my queries, thanks all of you

My Mates, i’m facing a problem on jarvee with IG accounts with posting.

i set campaigns for my ig accounts but i faced many time this issue

can anyone of you tell me that how can i overcome this problem ?

when i press " OK " and " Verify my Account", i gets " Valid", but the account don’t perform any other action if until I don’t clear this issue and makes my account valid again.

how can i set auto fix for this issue on JV ?

or how can i reduces the number of this error with my account ?

will appreciate your suggestions,


for posting, it seems that the issue is from your post, IG doesn’t seem to accept it, are you able to post the same post from the phone? I think you need to change something in that post.

Can you share screenshots of the errors that you get from JV dashboard summary tab.

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Yeah, Luca is right. Are you posting some links or something that could be considered as spam content?

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you may review their spam guidelines there and see if your content violated any term there… by any chance, has this image been posted before by another account?

Yeah, definitely posting the same content can be an issue. You should check if that was your case as well as psybot said already.

If Jarvee doesn’t click on the ok, it’s most likely because Jarvee is not able to handle that scenario yet. You should contact support, they usually ask for the page source of the page where it gets stuck.

Try checking this option in Campaign Overview tab, set the level to medium.

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hey @Luca
thanks for your reply my friend

yes luca, i can post the same post from my mobile to instagram, and its alright from my mobile, only the issue is coming from JV only

and also i’m not sure then how to monitor the error from summary tab my friend

i’m not sure that what do you meant with the spam considering

if you can explain it a bit more, may be i can reply you according to response, that whether my post is considering as spam or not

looking for your reply

yeah its working on other accounts

hey @ossi

yeah buddy i already checked that option to hard level but issue is still there

but you gave me a better idea that i should contact to support, i’ll do it, hope they will give me some solution for it


Faced a similar issue while posting from mobile. The post was about a giveaway and it was removed immediately after posting. I clicked the “Let us know” button at the end and then reposted the same post in 5 mins and it worked.

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after posting you should either see posted successfully or not from the campaign history tab and if you click on the details on the same page you should see the reason why the post failed and the error code.

you can also check from the JV dashboard summary tab.

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ok i’ll share you error code luca

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