[FIXED] Email Confirmation Issue

What’s good everyone,

Seem to be having quite a frequent issue when adding new clients into Jarvee. It’s happened to 3 accounts just today.

So, I add their account in, add proxy, get the client to confirm etc. as usual but when I go to Verify the account, it gets stuck in an Email Verification loop. The client gets an in-app message asking them to click “This Was Me”, they do so but when I click verify it just goes back to “Email Confirmation”. The clients confirms, I try again, same thing.

I’ve tried changing proxy, clearing cookies and even resetting the device ID, but no luck.

I manage around 150 clients and this is the first time I’ve come across this kind of issue.

Anyone have any ideas? Would appreciate any help!

(And yes, I have used the search function before making this post.)

UPDATE: So, I fixed the issue by clearing the cookies a second time, and trying again, all went through fine after that!

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i even request a sms code and the code come out as error… then the account goes into two factor authentication… the client turns it off then its valid just one those days i guess

actually same is going to me, but clearing cookies doesn’t work !! are you sure it’s all about cookies no other way exists ?