Fixing the password reset issue

I have 2 accounts on my normal home IP and keep getting the password reset ban. I only repost once a day with the accounts, not doing anything else. After 1 repost, or even before that I get the password reset ban.

Is there something specific that needs to be done to not get these password bans?

I lost 4 accounts to this, some were 500k+

Hey ayatanne,

I was experiencing the same issue on numerous accounts, along with EV.

I’m currently using Facebook creator studio to post until this blows over.

I was also getting numerous “Your account is at risk messages” and prompted to change my password (just a request at that point)

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Is there a way to post the same to 2 accounts, or do I need to do it manually for each?
Also, it doesn’t have an option to post a story automatically, that also needs to be done manually, right?

And for the manual stories there in the creator, I can’t add any of these reacting things or stickers it seems.

Also, do carousel posts work there? What about reels?


1)Carousel posts work
2) Reels don’t work.
3) IGTV works

You have to login for every account.

I’m just using this until MP is able to catch up with IGs changed algorithm.

Its’s quite limited but hopefully this will all blow over.