Flagged mods to delete


“Post must be at least 40 characters”

As a regular you should know better than anyone here that sales thread should always go through and be approved by Adnan

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Should I post this in marketplace? Wasn’t sure to be honest.

Yes you might want to delete unless you want to get banned? I’m sure you know about this. You’re lvl2 so you should know about sales and the marketplace @OGLibra @Adnan

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Yes my fault, sorry. I just read marketplace rules, flagged this for mods to see so it can be deleted and messaged the top dog about opening a marketplace thread.

You could already change your topic with the price and the PM me so it doesnt stay up for example. Looks bad tbh if you keep it up since it looks convenient. With this topic in lvl1 and the whole world seeing it, possible also those who have the most issues and most desperate. I can imagine a lvl1 topic being more lucrative than a lvl2 marketplace for this kind of sale since lvl2 usually found their way around the blocks.

Just my 2 cents however.

Take care