Flickr and Tumblr account growth

Hey guys so I recently started Flickr and Tumblr in order to broaden my social media presence. I wanted to ask if anyone had experience growing a flickr or tumblr account with massplanner and whether it was effective or not. Also if anyone knows good settings for flickr or tumblr if they could let me know that would be awesome.

Thank you

Mass Planner doesn’t support Flickr, you can use it with Tumblr though.

Flickr is great for pulling lots of high quality and unique images though, and very easy to setup/use.

Hi @wortime are you saying “pulling” as in a source to obtain content for reposting? Sorry if this is a noob question- I’m new to MP and I’ve been reading a lot here in the past 4-5 days. I really appreciate your contributions over in the instagram posts :slight_smile:

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Yes, it depends on your niche/needs, however it is perfect as a source of super high quality images.

What i noticed is most of quality flickr images have big ass ugly signatures on them,when people scroll on the phone half of the picture will be a signature…

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Sometimes. As I said, for me it’s fine. Half of them already have the attribution in the captions. The majority of images (at least for me) are not only high quality, they are a few years old as well.

Thats good because the photographer cares less, they are not as popular because people have forgotten them etc.