Folks with manuel fol/unf

what app are you using to unf ?
i got my acct compromised each time i try to use an app cus it takes time to see manualy who’s not following then go unf such pain in **

i use a real human with a phone and real sim cards :slight_smile:

you have an app that calls “follow assistant” for Android that shows you the people that are not follow you back.

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do you use it ? i mean you still use it ? cus each time i try an app i get the msg on IG app there was an attempt to login was it you

I didn’t have any problem with it, have anyone out there that had troubles with “follow assistant”?

Any apps for iOS?

can you give me the link xus when i type follow assistant in Gplay it gives other apps


i cant use it it says my session is blocked so i’ve to wait :sob: