Follow back a good idea?

Hello Fellow MassPlanner’s,

just wondering if you follow back on IG and / or unfollow current followers as well? What’s a good strategy? How does the ratio influence followings or what is a good ratio?
Thanks all !

I never understood why I should followback users if the main goal is to get more followers than followings. I may be missing something here. Hopefully someone can enlighten me. :slight_smile:

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The reason i would follow someone back is if they were someone slightly important of influential so like anyone with 50K+

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This is assuming they’re not just following you to gain you as a follower, and then unfollow a few days later, which they likely are :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a hard time finding any accounts beyond a 15k following that actually follows anyone legitimately, beyond people they know / work with… but maybe I’m just being cynical.