Follow Back Ratio With Scraper Account

If you are scraping with a slave and sending to a main, how do you monitor how good the follow back ratios are for the sources?

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I would also like to know this. From what I’ve been researching, it isn’t possible to get followback ratio data using the scraping method. A real problem if you’re trying to keep your follow sources high.

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The only way I can think of at the moment is to test one source at a time and see how many follows are generated. Could mean you spend ages testing not so great sources though :confused:

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  1. It is possible to track all follows made by slaves. Pay a programmer to code you a simple tool for checking out if the @username is following you. They usually charge between 50-100usd for that.

  2. You gain a lot of information from Instagram. The metrics are telling you a lot.

Age, Gender and Follow/Following ratio and Follow/Following index is usually enough to get up to 60% FBR.

That’s not a theory. It’s proven and works. I wanted to make whole thread about it. But I wont until I get Lvl 2 access since there are programs I’ve paid numerous programmers and developers for few softwares.

But If you invest your time into FBR believe me… It’s easy. No need for high-tech, astronomical calculations…

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@DonPapo He actually asks about the FBR on scraper accounts, not on the slaves, the topic isn’t related to mother/slave.

@tuuliuk what is the problem to open a scraper follow tool, then open results tab - more actions - view fbr?

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@donpapo thanks for the reply. I understand it is possible to code something for this. It’s just a pain when its already built into the Jarvee software if you are using the main account to follow and not using a scraper to send specific users to the main account.

Also, you can use the scraper tool within jarvee to pull all this data and export it to an excel spreadsheet at any time, on any account or other type of source. It’s under Social Profiles > Scrape Tools tab.

@yellowspb Correct, I’m not talking about mother/slave, just a dedicated scraper account feeding specific users to a main account. I don’t see a way to pull the follow source data automatically using this method without doing it manually. With using a main account, all the source info is generated automatically. More importantly, you can use the “Remove Poor Quality Sources” function to automatically keep or dump a follow source.

For example, right now I have mine sat at “remove source if follw back ratio is lower than 0.1 after 50 follows and 1 day” and “0.2 after 150 follows and 1 day”.

Well for anyone wondering, I figured this out. Under the scraper account follow tool, under “Extracted Users” tab, when clicking on “Add Accounts”, there is a small box that pops up to choose your main account. At the bottom a checkbox reads “Remove Poor Quality Sources”. If you hover over this check box, it will give you a description of how it works. Seems to be fully built into J. I swear this wasn’t there before. Perhaps it was added in a recent update? Not sure, but really happy to see that option there.


That’s exactly what I need! Thanks so much

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