Follow Block fixed? Re-enabling notifications

One of my clients got the follow block about two weeks ago What is weird is that he got it when he turned off Instagram notifications as he told me Instagram was starting to consume his life. He would go on periodically but whenever he tried following someone, it was blocked. About three days later, Instagram sent a notification asked to turn back on notifications, he refused because he didnt want to get addicted again. Over the past few weeks he kept getting the blocks. Just now, he re-enabled the Instagram notifications, and then was able to follow again?!? He figured that since he cut them off, they cut him off? I don’t know if the timing was impeccable, but he is now able to follow again.

Seems weird honestly. Correlation doesn’t mean causation.


Yeah, i thought it was pretty strange but just wanted to share just in case if this MIGHT help some people.

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I had a few accounts with this block, it went away after shutting down automation for some time.

Did you continue automation for the time of the block?

He got the block AFTER he stopped using automation- which is so weird.

Can I ask how long you shutdown automation for? Did you just disable the account or remove it from the automation software entirely? Cheers

I usually just stop botting for a day or two – no need to disable your account.

Just found this:

I had already come across that page, but thanks for sharing…I agree, stopping the bot should have been sufficient…3 weeks later I have 1 account that has had the follow block removed after I actually deleted it from Jarvee…so strange!

Yea, but this article is about general follow blocks not those happening last weeks. It has been published a year ago, so a lot of things changed already :slight_smile:
But still thanks for share!

Can you tell us more about this?
I have 2 accounts stopped since May 9
residential ip
we are already 20 days:hot_face:

This finally resolved after 3 weeks. It sucked.

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I don’t believe it was necessary to remove the account from Jarvee. I personally feel that this May 8th follow block was Instagram testing out the 6000/30day follow limit that was imposed at the start of June. Good luck and I hope you got your accounts sorted.