Follow Blocked after 1 Follow

Account notes:
Opened: August.19
Methods used: Jarvee for a while, left Jarvee September, since then Following manually from phone (i have 4 other accounts on the phone).
Issue: I had a 1 day block, i only did story for 72h after that. Tried Following again after 72h, got 1 day Follow block after First Follow.

Do you guys know if there’s a way to restore account’s trust score given the circumstances? Will i ever be able to reuse my account? For the past month i couldn’t follow more than 30/day, if i go higher i get follow blocked… i was fine with 30/day but now i can’t even do 1 follow/day on this account… any suggestions that might help? also i should mention that the other accounts on my phone are relatively fine and i can do 30 follows/day without issues.

Thanks in advance!

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After while start doing follows.
What kind of Proxies do you use?

Probably the fact that you had 5 other accounts on your phone.

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I’m using my regular SIM card from a big national Carrier 4G, i’m doing everything manually from the phone app since September.19. So no jarvee. It’s the only account i’ve used on jarvee and the only account with issues, looks as if it was stained with jarvee (using bots) and it can’t recover or something.

Sorry Buddy, didnt read correctly.

If you are using 5 accs on one phone, that’s issue for sure.

I see, so you mean that insta allows you to have 5 accounts on the phone but they probably monitor your activities and block you based on what exactly? The other accounts are good, i get no follow blocks (all under 30 follows/day) all newer accounts (opened in November). Only difference between the 4 accounts and the 1 account is that the 4 accounts were never used in jarvee. It’s sort of like Jarvee marked. even though i didn’t use jarvee ever since September on it.

I don’t think that’s the issue here. I manage over 5 accounts on my personal phone and I’m able to automate those accounts fine.

By “automate” you mean that you automate you 5 accounts in jarvee and you only manage them (check the feed, respond to DMs, view stories, do natural stuff) on the phone? or are you automating them directly on your phone with some other app?

I’m using them like normal accounts on my phone, but I have the ability to automate some of them in JV.

i see, got it. So you don’t have any follow blocks on them whatsoever? This is interesting, my account might just be busted then, and i’m looking for a way to restore it’s trust.

I wonder if it would let me do more follows if i just log out of the account for say… 7 days and then try to build up following slowly 5 people/day and then increase daily, do you think that would work? Would that count as a reset in instagram eyes?

Well I get blocks, soft blocks, but that’s natural now and they’re the norm.

Could you give me more information about the settings you’re using, proxies ect.?

Also perhaps try your settings and exact same setup with a random account that’s clean? Or do you already have other accounts running fine?

Well i don’t use Jarvee anymore, all those blocks and account compromised stuff… looks like it killed my account. I’m doing everything manually from the phone itself… i do 30 follows 1 time/day on each of my accounts and that’s it… i leave it there… They each grow very slow but that’s all i can do for now… I’m not using any proxies, just my regular 4G internet connection…

You mention getting blocked and waiting 72 hours then trying again, but did you actually try logging out of that account on your phone and logging back in and seeing if it can follow more than 1? I had clients with that issue, once they logged out and in it worked fine for them.

That’s a good tip, I will try this. Right now i just leave it be for 7 days (it’s already past 24h) I am only hopping on it to load the feed everyday, see some stories, zoom-pinch photos, scroll up and down the feed, you know… regular user movements so i keep my hooman appearances (maybe it matters). After 7 days i-ll start with 5 follows on it… if that doesn’t work i-ll try the Log out you mentioned, wait 72h try again. Thanks for the tip! Will keep you guys posted. I really want to get to the bottom of this “trust score” and a way to rehabilitate a bad account in general.

This is because instagram detects that your account is being used in an unusual way, you should wait before performing any actions with JV

I appreciate your insight but it’s not the case. As i mentioned, i’m not using Jarvee on the account since September.19. Thanks!

Yes but you get follow blocked after 1 follow with JV so it’s because you just put this account and follow with JV that you get follow blocked (instagram detects that your account is being used in an unusual way)

Again, i’m not using Jarvee anymore. Last time i used Jarvee was in September.2019. The follow block i am getting after just making 1 follow is happening now January 17.2020 and i am doing manual actions ever since September and during this period I couldn’t do more than 30 follows/day without getting blocked.

Problem now is that i am not able to rehabilitate the account and it seems that this is because I previously used the account in jarvee back in September. I am assuming this based on the fact that all the other 4 accounts i have on my phone are doing fine with 30 follows/day.

That is not true :slight_smile:

It’s not because you did some “botting” on JV that your account is fucked up and can’t follow anyone on a phone … Try to give more rest and warm-up smarter ? :wink: