Follow blocked me pls help me

pls help i am using jarvee with my Instagram account with 600 follow a day but now its 10 day Instagram blocked me for follow action now i can only like and repost but i cant follow people also when i login to my account with my phone i cant follow people manually please help me pls

There are a few discussions regarding the block you are describing here in the forum.

It seems to happen since May 8th for many people. Not sure what is the cause and which accounts are affected and why.

Anyways, stopping all automation and waiting worked for me. Of course if you are not using a high quality proxy it will be wise to switch


Hi there - I’m having the same issue with two of my accounts. How long did it take to cool it off?

pls how much time take your account to get to the normal

Last account went out of the block today

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What software are you guys using?

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How long did you wait for make the first action since you stopped all automation? :slight_smile:
I keep stucked.

Clients kept using the account as usual, I assume they tried to follow every once in a while.
Tried follow using my software only after confirming the block is gone with a mobile device

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Did you try to make the Follow with your own Mobile before? Or were you asking to your clients to do it by themselves? Are you using now Mobile/Raw Proxys in the accounts affected? Did you change your proxys? :thinking:

Thanks for your help @ido and im sorry for making so many questions, good to see everything start to work fine for you :slight_smile:

This is the Order of Operations Jarvee gave me to “fix” the issue:

  1. Set follow to: 10 follows per hour and 200 follows per day and then stop your Follow tool for at least 24-48 hours.

  2. Pause account for 2-3 days

  3. Change proxy for the affected account

  4. Test running likes

  5. If that works, run follows

I haven’t tried it mainly because if I’m still blocked on the account (even in the app) I don’t understand how this would work - but this is what they suggested if any brave souls want to try :slight_smile:

Tried also on my mobile for some accounts.
Raw mobile, using same proxy now.

Hope the block will go away for you as well soon

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