Follow blocks question

Hi guys,
Back again with some question’s, trying to get all clear about follow block’s, what’s your mindset and what do you do when follow block hits the account?

  • Do you stop all actions?
  • How much time do you let your account rest? 1/2/3 days?
  • Do you check if your account can follow every single day? How do you do this? With your phone, on jarvee with api call or embedded browser?

When keep’s getting blocks:

  • Do you rest the account 1 week?
  • Discard proxy, change it, change device ID and let account rest again?
  • Discard account?

After follow blocks:

  • Do you keep same settings ou lower a bit?
  • When account is following do you increase follows number or you let account for 1 week do the same follow every day?

Tell me your procedure thank you!

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if your account is aged follow 400-500 users per day and you will not get blocked


yes but my account’s aren’t aged the where created by me, 8 account’s, one got hit by follow block and I wanted to know how you and the others do :wink:

let the account rest for a while 1 day or 2

after the rest start following 40-50 people per hour

more detailed and more correct solutions here

Im interested in knowing the process from someone who has been able to lift the blocks. Im still blocked on 11/11 accounts, all of them from 9 May.

Although all these question are relevant, I assume you are referring the the wave of long follow blocks that started May 8th.

Regarding these blocks, for me the right thing to do was to rest the accounts until the block is lifted, sometimes I checked using embedded and sometimes asked the client to check, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I wouldn’t continue running any automation while the block is active, genuine human activity is best.

Wish you all luck with handling with these blocks… I have been lucky to get the ones I got on the 8th lifted but got 2 new blocks in the last 3 days.

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No, nothing to do with 8th may xD
I just wanted to know how guys, like you with some experience, how you take care of blocks. After block dissapear, do you lower your settings?

Yes, it’s all about patience and resting the accounts and reducing actions a bit ater the block has been cleared.

I’ve c&p’ed part of my response from another private thread here:

There appears no consist approach to take, as I’ve described below. It seems pretty clear that it’s IG playing around. My hunch is that when whatever test they’re doing or changes they’re making are completed, they allow follow again on the affected accounts providing no other red flags are raised.

For my one long-term affected account, I did the following:

Day 3 After Follow Action Blocks - On 11th May, I stopped the follow tool after noticing repeat follow blocks across 3 days from 8th May (too late, it seems). All all tools (like, comment likes, story views and unfollow) continued to run as normal
Day 3/4 - I switched the existing mobile proxy to a mobile proxy from another provider (I did not reset the IDs). I tried manually following via the embedded browser. It worked. I started the follow tool again, Action Blocks immediately appeared, but 3 random follows were successfully made on the 12th May.
Day 4/5 - I stopped the follow tool again on the 12th and continued testing manually following via the EB once per day over the next few days. It failed every time.
Day 8/9 - I stopped all activity on this account for 6-7 days (except that described below).
Day 13/14 - I tested manually following again via the EB (after around 13 days). It failed.
Day 15 - I tested manually following again via the EB. It failed. I restarted the like, story views and (own) comment like tools.
Day 16 - I tested manually following again once via the EB. It worked. I successfully restarted the follow tool at around a very slow follow rate (2-4/hour to be scaled up over the coming days). The follow tool completed 60 follows during the time I’ve allocated to follow each day.

Note: Throughout all the above my client continued using and following via IG as normal, with no issues reported. I observed her new follows in the unfollow tool whitelist auto-imports during the first 8-9 days. She also posted two images during this time, both while all my activity was stopped. These images received a lower than average engagement at 5-10% (average is 10%), and taking into account image quality, an engagement at 50% of the norm. This lower engagement is most likely due to the lowered non-organic visitors to her profile as a result of my lack of activity.


Wow thank you value information keep us posted about this block.

Wanna know in the future if you can put the account doing f/u with 400+

Great explanations I bookmarked this :slight_smile:

400/500 follows per day is the safest way for grow and warm an ig account.

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Yes that’s what I’m shooting for 400/500. Some questions
Do you buy the account’s, if yes how much aged must be.

What’s your warmup process follow 10 people at first day then +25 everyday? Until desirable.

And if account is new?? how much first day and then +?

Thank you

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read here