Follow Causes Account Issues - Jarvee Instagram

I can use almost every tool in Jarvee without problems, but as soon as I start the follow tool, even before any following happens (not always but often), the account gets a temporary block (Instagram account) for following and that causes usually either the account deletion right after or many verifications and then account deletion. I have no clue how to fix this, since everything else works just fine.

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Are you making your own accounts?

I noticed this when I made some accounts a certain way and they didn’t last very long.

Otherwise are you using 4g proxies and how many accounts per proxy are you using?

After how many actions that happens? How many actions are you doing per hour and per day?

You need to give us more details about your setup:

Are you running account on proxies? how many account per proxy?

Are you accessing the account from another devices?

Are you running the follow and unfollow tools at the same time?

Are you using Scrapers?

Are you using EB or API?

We will be more than happy to help! But what settings do you use? What about proxies?

If you’re running the unfollow tool as well, try setting the account to not follow/unfollow at the same time, have different time intervals on both accounts.