Follow Filtering - General Question

Hey! Just wanted to how you guys Filter your Follows.
I use “Follow users that interacted with posts on target Account” only

and this Filter set on JV:

What are you guys doing differently?
And how many sources are you using?

Well that is common, setting, but lately I have a theory that instagram ai checks if you follow more random users, rather then filtered. If you follow most common bot patterns I think it is easier for them to spot it. Instead following more random users, sometimes private users, sometimes bizz accounts, big accounts. It is lot of about what would normal user would do.

Each filter you put there will trigger an API call. Your account will be soon blocked because of all those API calls if you do “Follow users that interacted with posts on target Account”
The solution to this, is to use a Scarper user that do all those API calls and send extracted users to the follow Tool of the main account and make him do the follow with minimum API calls…

basically not true :wink: first some filters are “grouped”, what i mean that it can check some filters together with one API Call.

second: if you are using the right sources users that ineracted with posts on target account (only likers!) is needing less API calls. this i due the fact that you can get with one API call ( as for as i remember) 300 Followers from the list, but with one API call going for likers 1000 ( as long as there are enough likes on the pic obviously :smiley: ) actually with the right target accounts its the best source atm, less api calls and less “scrape blocks”

third: no since the last update it much easier, you just need to add scrapers to J and select use for scraping for all tool Accounts that are tagged with XXX