Follow/like block (Different this time)

Apologies if someone has made a similar topic I just could not find one in any of the recent threads or via the search function.

Recently I have created a few IG accounts (all created via gmail, with same proxies as I was using later, email verified a week after they were created and waited out almost a month since I started warming them up). most of these accounts are now follow blocked after an extremely slow warm up of about 40 follows per day, however this block is different to the previous ones as I can normally follow via the IG Iphone app without an issue.

I have tried resetting device ids, changing the proxies and waiting it out for 48 - 72 hr without taking any actions all of that with no effect as the block persists.

The issue is clearly related to jarvee and I am just not sure how to fix it as its the first time I encountered something like that.

Has anyone had a similar situation or have any ideas how to tackle it?

Waiting @MojoJojo `s “answer”…



At this moment in time. 40 follows a day is no where close to an “extreme slow warm up”. If these are new accounts you need to start far slower than that and actually better off doing other actions besides following to start.

Clearly related to it. This includes all the other people running new accounts on other softwares having similar issues. It is all Jarvee’s fault. No possibility it could be a revised trust scoring system, an issue with account creation, IG putting temporary limits on new accounts that are not using a phone or the fact changing device ids or proxies shortly after getting a block on a week old account could possibly cause issues.

I mean the devs should just pack up shop at this point.



Take a look at the main thread

It’s really similar to those API blocks and stuff. Take your time to read, and find a pattern similar to yours.

Or better, if you sure its from Jarvee, contact them!

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I just assumed its a “Jarvees fault” as I can follow without any issue from a browser or any device apart from Jarvee auto folow function. Now whether its caused by IG somehow blocking Jarvee or the issue being with Jarvee itself is a different matter, Obiously there are thousands of reasons why it doesn’t work all I know is that the problem persists just within the Jarvee environment and also its a different kind of block altogether.

With no reaction to the type of block I described I assume you encountered something like this before? Is it common for it to happen? I have had many follow / like blocks but never anything like this

Sure, will dig into that once more, hopefully will find something similar to this issue this time.

The mega thread @NVY.Social linked to is referring to has been talking about this exact thing occurring since about the 14th. It was happening to about half of my 1-2 week old accounts and it still plagues a lot of people. Attempted solutions and partial successes have been listed there, it is a bit of a read but everything you need to know to start testing and working to resolve these issues is listed there.

To help avoid them from even starting. I highly recommend dropping your follow warmup to be a lot slower…like glacially slow even if for a new client on an aged account. Also focusing on other actions to start and avoiding follows for the first while can help as well.

My unproven theory is there is a rising ceiling on follows now (both hourly and daily) that is started when you first connect to an account via Jarvee. Hitting this block lowers the ceiling on you so even once lifted you hit the block again faster and again and again until eventually you’re blocked for days and other tools start getting affected as well. I also believe fully resting the account doesn’t help as much as it used to, so switching to lower threat actions only during rest periods “such as muting, story views or unfollows” helps to get that ceiling to raise more effectively.

Again this is all unproven but it is the theorum I’ve been working with and while it hasn’t resolved issues for every account. Most of my accounts do have forward momentum again.


I have been following the thread pretty closely apart from the last few days so I must have missed out on the bit where the follow block involves Jarvee only.

What concerns me the most is that if these type of blocks only occur just within the automation software it could mean that there is a chance they started to recognise whether the follow input is coming directly from the software rather than the app or a browser.

Considering the issue is just with the new accounts it may be the case that they are just testing it out on the newly created IG accounts and leaving the old type of blocks on the older IG accounts as they perhaps know all hell could break loose if all the blocks were just within the automation software (even more so than it did in the main follow block thread with people quitting automation altogether) .

This is just a theory and I really hope I am wrong I don’t want to be another doomsayer already quiet enough of those on the main follow block thread :laughing:

It doesn’t involve Jarvee only, it is affecting every other software out there as well (at least anything publically known) with the same issues of it affecting people when working with the software but use of the phone is fine.

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Different or not, please put all follow and action block related information from May / June / July 2019 in the respective mega thread. Let’s end these new threads once and for all. Keeping up with one is hard enough. Trying to keep up with multiple… something will get missed.