Follow source ratio numbers


I usually start with 25-30 then increase as I get more from research. I let them run for at least 100-120 follows.


Depends on your niche, some niches have more engagement than others. I would say, create a baseline engagement percentage that your competitors have and go off that.


Are you guys following followers of targeted users or following user that interacted with post on target account


I agree! 25 % seems to be the right mix for me.


All depends on your objective for the account. Typically following followers produces higher FBR but the engagement from those followers tends to be lower while following users that interacted with a post produce higher engagement but lower FBR


u need to find out what you want first.

  1. Followers or ER – in f/u it is one or the other.
    Depending on which one you use – results will be different.
    Following followers will always produce higher followbacks
    following likers and commentors will result in lower numbers.

decide which one you want –
select say 50-100-150 sources
every 2 weeks look at the results and weed out bottom 50 %
in a few weeks you will have your creme de la creme


20-30 sources?
When looking for sources, I always try pages with 100k+. Would you recommend this or what would you say?
Because @Alexnvo mentions like 50-150 sources. That’s quite the stack.


The number of sources can depend on the frequency you change them. I start with 25-30 to test waters. But you can increase it to 50-150 depending on how much filtering you want and at what frequency you will change them.
Concerning the 100k+ it depends on the niche and the quality of the followers. I usually aim for smaller accounts but again it depends greatly on the niche.