Follow source ratio numbers

Hello all!
Just wondering what number do u looking for on the follow back ratio before removing a source ? Or do you auto set it to remove like 0.25 sources ? Thanks in advance :v:


I never remove sources. But that’s probably why my engagement are shit.

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20% is usually the lowest ratio I go for. It really depends on the quality of those followbacks though, 20% of quality accounts is better than 50% of crappy accounts.

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I usually start with 10% and once I have over 10 sources producing I start increasing it until I’m up to about 25% with at least 10-15 high follower sources.

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I don’t have a specific ratio, I remove the lowest ones and I’ll substitute them with other account till the the average follow back increases.
Let’s say you have 4 sourses with the following follow back ratios: 10, 8, 6, 9. You want to substitute the lower ones, in this case 8 and 6. The new follow back ratios then might become: 10, 20, 40, 9 so now you remove the other 2 sources. You keep on doing that till you can’t improve anymore.


I usually start removing them if they go below 25%. If starting a new niche, I would remove anything below 15%.

It depends on the niche, but at the beginning I put this at 0.15 then I try to increase if I get lot of follow sources. :wink:


I use the exactly same method. I am stopping the sources with the lowest follow back ratio and replace them with the new ones and repeat the process to increase the overall follow back ratio.

25% minimum? This seems crazy.

My “Good” profiles perform on 10-15% mostly.

As mentioned above, I always remove lowest perfoming profiles (once they’ve done 150-200 follows using the source) and replace them with a new ones.

However, I believe it depends on the source settings. I’m usually following people who engaged with posts (as I care mostly about engagement rather than about number of followers and I’m afraid that people who won’t engage will ruin the page in a long-run). I think that if we go simply for followers, the rate will be higher (I actually tested it and can confirm).


Do you spend a lot of time looking for them?

So on numbers would that be 0.20?

Sorry to ask. Would that be keeping the 15% ones and removing the ones below when u have 20 sources ?

Yes. However, I would only drive conclusions once you follow a decent amount of people from that source, 100 and more. Otherwise you just don’t have a big enough sample to judge whether the source is good.

Just be careful with the quality of those followers. it really depends on whether you want to rapidly increase the number of followers or whether you take a slower approach so that the engagement rate is not ruined. I have a source with 52% followback after following 3600+ accounts, which is awesome if your goal is social proof/rapid growrth but might not be very good if you’re looking for top tier followers.

Not really maybe 1 hour per week less :slight_smile:

Can I message u ?

Bro, it’s really simple I just put lot of follow source, then I delete all source below 15%, I keep the best sources, I find similars account put it on Jarvee and increase the rate :slight_smile:

I don’t really know if it is the best strategie but that work pretty well with me

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Does 15% equal 0.15?

Thanks mate

Yes exactly ! 15% means 15/100 so 0.15 :wink:

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Yep on really good performing ones. After filtering for weeks and trying to look for the accounts that do f/uf in the niche, you get more ‘quality’ sources. I usually target the followers.

Yep you are right, it all depends on the strategy that you have for the account.
It’s like rinse and repeat till you get there. It took me a lot of time to filter all those though.

How many sources do you add in total and how long do u let them run before starting to cut out the good from the bad ?