Follow Sources - How often should we change out sources

Im hoping someone from the MP team can answer this but im happy to have others comment as well.

Would it be better to add 100s of follow sources at one time or to add 5-6 and switch them out weekly?

How does MP pick what sources to follow from would be a good follow up question. Do they put preference on any account? Does it evenly use them? Maybe it just goes down the list?


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Without making another topic i have some questions also.
Do you guys target users specificaly or do you extract the followers from a specific user and add those users to the sources.Like this you could avoid duplicate users across multiple accounts.

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In my opinion add all the sources at once. If there are no more users from a specif source MP will just skip that source and move to the next one.

Now what I am unsure about is if MP will alternate social actions on different sources, or if it just picks one account / operation. I would love to know the answer to this.

I would hope it alternates. Example: If your settings are set to follow 500 users/day and you have 10 accounts in the source, MassPlanner will follow user #1 from source #1, user #2 from source #2, user#3 from source #3 and continue until it reaches user #10 from source #10. Once it reaches #10 it repeats to follow user #11 from source #1, user #12 from source #2 and so on.

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There is a setting to only follow users once in the general settings. Once each account follows a user, it will be added to ignore list and every accs will ignore that user.

The problem i believe when you add too many sources but you don’t have enough accs to follow, then it will take a really long time to complete the task. It’s actually not a /problem/ by itself.

If you have a 1m source, it could take a really long time to finish following all the users. so if you add 100’s of 1m source, then it will take forever.

Edit: @johnny i think you need to put the wording clearer in order in this particular setting

enable follow different users across all instagram accounts configured


follow users only once, per account.

Even i was confused what it means until i read a blogpost somewhere.

And you also need to rearrange to put the global platform setting inside it’s own. This setting alone is often missed by many of us, as we thought the config is all in the tools section. And i also believe it’s this setting that gets many accs banned because they were reported by actual users.

Global platform setting >

IG > Global IG setting
FB > Global FB setting.

How many sources do MP users use for an average account? Do you add/alternate sources?
I have some accounts whose follows are declining despite having 50+ sources and following the last 500 users. Interestingly, none of the sources have red exclamation next to them, but some are following as little as 100.

Any thoughts?

Depends how many accounts in the same niche.I have 400 sources for 5 accounts for example.

The accounts with the issues have their respective niches, with around 55 sources each. So, 1 account per niche

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I think you should get as many accounts as you can find. And if you have several accounts in mind for the same niche, then just split the sources equally. I think limiting yourself to a certain number of sources can lead to their eventual depletion.

Is not enough following 5 sources with over 1 Million followers each ?

It baffles me that you guys don’t seem to care for the quality of your sources.

For my main account I only have less than 20 sources and all of these sources have been selected based on the follow back rate I get from them. I tried adding a bunch of other sources and they significantly lowered my conversion rate. Do you guys care if that’s an issue?


How do you get the follow back rate from your sources? Thanks in advance.

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Follow test the source for 2-3 days…