FOLLOW SOURCES: the best accounts from which to get followers in target

Hi anyone,

I’d like to share my strategy to get new followers.
Sometimes the first problem is: who are the better accounts to get followers?
obviously depending on the niche.
And so, I planed that strategy. For each accounts, I check the “FollowBack ratio”, and put the best Accounts with Higher % of followback ratio, in an excel account like this:


An example:
I’m managing a travel account. And account @travelTOP has 45% as ratio. So, I check that account if is only travol or also lifestyle, or automotive, about mans or women.

So I will fix that account @travelTOP in my excel doc (or other docs if you want) under NAME ACCOUNT, and in the topic I will sign “travel, Women, Lifestyle and so on”

In that mode, I can use that account for other clients who has the topics in target.

What do you think about it?
I hope these indications are useful


After how many followings do you depend the fb-ratio? 100? 500?

40-45%. Not less…

I mean do you follow 100 people of one source than you take a look how the ratio is or do you follow 200/300/…? I mean you can follow 2 people of one source and one is following you back - the ration would be 50% (But that wouldn’t say much)

So… If I have differents clients (Who doesn’t competitor) but the topic it’s the same, I can use same account in follow source (not all the same!)

How do you find the best accounts in the first place?
Need to be careful just checking the follow back ratio as you could end up with 45% of bots. Do you check the quality of the followers manually or rely on heavy filtering?
Not all followers are created equally :slight_smile:

I check manually the Account before add in Follow Sources. And in setting I flag “user has posted at least once in his story” and “user posted within the last x days” (5 days)

And also, don’t unfollow user that commenter and so on.
With that Strategy, about my accounts, I have good results…


is there a free tool that one can use for determining how many bot followers an account has?

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@mojojojo is the master. PM him about his service, you wont regret it.

What do you consider a bot follower? I hear the word ‘bot’ from clients everyday. What’s it actually mean?

Could u read my last message please :smiley:

The title of this thread should be ‘‘How to kill engagement on any account’’


I’ve found success by digging deep into a niche. My personal brand is within the travel/nature niche and after enough digging I found a bunch of account with absolute garbage content but a surprising amount of followers (2-40k). I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this chain of accounts but they’re not automated and their followers are real, it did take a bit of time to find them though.

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Surelly: just with an approach like yours you can do a good job :wink:

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Private? I didn’t see… please re-send :wink:

Please send me the excel sheet sir and thank you again