Follow the limit of the total number of others

When the total number of followers of the account reaches 5000 people, it is impossible to follow more people.

Then I added the setting of unfollowing, but some accounts seem to be ineffective. I think the value set by myself is very large, but the number of unfollowing is not very large every day. What is the reason?

Correction: When the number of people following the account reaches 5000

what do you mean by “some account seem to be ineffective”?

Do you get the no more results error on the dashboard? if you can share some screenshots of settings and errors so that we can have a better understanding of the issue.

Yes, this is normal because of the Twitter followings limit,

If your account follows users manually, you need to extract your followings first from the Follow tool Results tab, set the tool to auto extract followings every X hours, the Unfollow tool will then unfollow users from the Follow tool Results tab based on your Unfollow settings.

If you have more than 5000 followers, then you will also be able to follow more :slight_smile:

As @Luca said, it would be good if you would share your screenshots so that we can understand your issue with the unfollow tool better.

The account did not receive the “no more results” error, the unfollow function is working normally, but that is because the number of unfollowing is very small every day

“set the tool to auto extract followings every X hours”

Regarding this setting, I don’t seem to set it up, I use the default setting of Jarvee

OK, then I will take one of my abnormal accounts as an example, take screenshots of follow and unfollow as well as the screenshots of the account situation for you to see

Follow users are automatically followed, not manually

This account only has dozens of unfollows every day, which caused my automatic following

number to be affected due to the limitation of following. Previously, I could follow more than 100, but now I can only follow 10-50 automatically.

I think you should better contact their support, send them those screenshots along with the follow tool results tab, they should check the settings and see where is the exact issue.

Yes, that’s because of the limit. You need to either wait until you get more followers and Twitter allows you to follow more users OR unfollow more users, so that you can follow more than 10-50 users per day. I’d suggest you stop the follow tool for a few days, and just run the Unfollow tool to decrease the Followings number, once you have 3000+ followings, you can start the Follow tool again.

Thank you for your suggestion, but my question now is that the unfollow function of some of my accounts does not seem to work. I have set a higher value. Is it because I also turned on the auto-follow function?

In addition, can I ask you another question. The current limit of the account is to follow 5000 people. When the number of fans reaches, I can follow more? Is there a specific number as a reference?

thanks brother

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This is what the guide that @ossi shared says: “When you hit this limit, we’ll tell you by showing an error message in your browser. You’ll need to wait until you have more followers in order to follow more accounts—for example, you can’t follow 10,000 people if only 100 people follow you.”

There is no specific number, you will have to try and see.

Here’s what Twitter says about the number of users you can follow after you hit 5000 followings limit.

How many unfollows does the Unfollow tool do every day with your current settings? I think it’s best to contact support regarding the Unfollow tool issue.

Does your unfollow function work? I am now 3-5min 8-10

Yes it does. You should contact support regarding your Unfollow tool issue.

yes, the unfollow tool does work on my side correctly, you can check the dashboard to see if you have any kind of errors that we can help you with or contact their support and see.