"Follow/Unfollow" Action At The Same?

Hello everyone :blush:
Do you guys do the follow and unfollow action at the same time?

Most people don’t. They follow up to certain number, then unfollow, or follow during one period of day and unfollow during other.

Some even do day of follow and day of unfollow.

Thanks for the advice…
I kinda thought about that … because I was doing follow and unfollow at the same time before…
but I guess we have to change and just do follow on a day and unfollow on other day…:sweat_smile:

Adnan, what do you think on commenting and story viewing?

i usually follow 20-30 and then straight away unfollow 20-30 to keep my following the same at all times and do this once an hour/whenever i have a minute to spare

some do, some don’t. above replies are valid too. just keep in mind – each is an action. That is the what counts. keep em low.

for me it doesn’t make sense to follow and unfollow at the same time, what I do is focus on the follow for a day then unfollow the next day that way i can see and analyze results better.

Question though. I noticed the F/U method is affecting the reach, anyone experiencing this? I get no Hard Blocks or anything just SB every week or so, when I Follow too many a day sometimes, usually when I go over 200F/day. And then i just won’t touch the account for 48h. But what troubles me is the reach, which seems to not increase at all heck I even noticed a decrease even though the followers on the acc are growing. How is your reach? Thanks!