Follow/unfollow, like, story views and comment limits

Hi guys

Can anyone here help me with the current daily limits for follow/unfollow, likes, comments, and story views?
Thank you. Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Follow and Unfollow - 10-20/hour,100-150/day and 3-6k/month
Likes - 150-250/day and 10-30/hour
Comments - 3-5/hour and 30-60/day
Story Views - I am not confirm but for story answers it’s 100/day and maybe 1-1.5k for story views.
Dm - 3-5/hour and 30-50/day

Hourly Actions - 50/hour including all the actions.
Daily Actions - <=500/day including all the actions.

Remember these are default limits,go slow with new accounts to hit these limits and for warmed up and aged accounts,you can hit them easily.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

You can try these as well:

10 Follows per hour
10 Unfollows per hour (don’t use both follow and unfollow at the same time)
10 Likes per hour
2 Comments per hour
1 DM per hour
10 Like Comments per hour
30 Story Viewer per hour
0.16 reposts per hour

daily limit:

100 - 200 Follows per day
100 - 200 Unfollows per day (don’t use both follow and unfollow at the same time)
100 - 200 Likes per day
20 - 30 Comments per day
15 - 20 DMs per day
100 - 200 Like Comments per day
400 - 500 Story Viewer per day
2 Reposts per day

Where are you getting these story view limits? I keep mine between 1900-2500 per day on all my accounts without an issue yet. Works great. Does anyone have actual info if getting blocked for this?