Follow/ unfollow method impacts reach?

I took 5 accounts that were inactive since 4th June and 5 accounts that are doing F/UF daily without any problems with setting 185 follows per day. None of these accounts are shadowbanned and posts appear under used hashtags on all 10 accounts. All accounts are around 30k followers.
I took 5 sets of hashtags for 5 pairs of accounts and similar content. After 24hours accounts doing F/UF have 1/3 to 1/5 reach of those which were inactive.
Anybody noticed the same?

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I’ve noticed it in general, not just for F/UF accounts. Is everything else for all accounts controlled for? Same type of proxies, same account age, etc?

F/UF definitely reduces your trust score - reach by default.

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Hold on- you published 1 post on each account?

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Yes, I did, from different devices/ IP’s, all acounts are 3-4 years old, one post oer account, but hashtags and niche were done in pairs, but for different, frequently used locations (meta data in photos)

Okay, you need to test this with more than just 1 post per. account over the course of 24 hours. Do what you did for 2 weeks and then measure the results in order to determine what the real outcome is.

I will, Im going to continue this test for not less than a month along with other tests on other accounts.


this is stupid to reduce reach because F/U.
What is IG goal? to show good content, so they will show content only based on how good it is !
Showing less good “bad” content since the good one is F/U ? not making sesne !

The only thing i noticed recently is the reduced reach across all of my accounts , even those that werent using f/uf and other peoples accounts who are definitely not using any automation. There must have been some change in the algorithm recently as with an account of 167k followers i only get around 4 k likes tops whereas a month ago it was around 8k. Content is similar and i always repost only viral pictures

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Using the method F/UF is not recommended, still working but not like before the total blocks

I’ve been saying it for awhile now Instagram is killing their platform. How can you as a creator be happy when IG is killer your reach day by day.

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I feel that this may require a bit more testing to see if this is factual or not.