Follow/unfollow on the same day or keep it separate?

A lot of people have shared their max numbers here and all over the forum.

My question is if anyone has tested to see what is the difference in engagement / followback, etc. between follow/unfollow on the same day and follow till you hit your max and start unfollowing from there?

Curious to know your thoughts.

Have a nice weekend y’all :slight_smile:

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I don’t think there’s any difference in engagement and follow back, why would it? The only difference is that some people believe you can get banned easier if you follow/unfollow in the same day and others don’t.

I’m on the same page as you but wanted to ask nevertheless as there are people here with tons more experience than me.

I feel that following/unfollowing the same day helps me better analyze things: growth, the impact that the content has on the page in general, new followers performance etc.

From my experience by unfollowing from 7k to 1k will get you more unfollows than steady +700/-700 jumps during a day.