Follow/Unfollow ratio + getting suspended?

Hey Guys,

Just wondering… Is it bad to grow a channel (regardless of if it’s Twitter or not) and be following too many people compared to how many people are following you?

Like if they right now my Twitter is following 400 people, but only 30 people following back? Could that be why I Keep getting suspended? Some people on another forum said it’s because I’m not using an aged account.

I’m a noob to social media, are the following/follower ratios bad for me? And are there any recommended settings out there to ensure the account looks less spammy? (assuming ratio is a factor?)

I don’t think ratio is affecting your account in any other way than looking bad to other users.

It always looks bad when someone sees a profile that has more followings than followers.

However, age of your account could be a reason for getting asked to reset your password. Maybe it would be better to buy aged Twitter account and start over.

Another reason could be too many actions or doing only one type of action (following).
In this case, you should mix your actions, add some retweets, tweets, favorites. Make it look natural.

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I will try to do that for future accounts :slight_smile: Maybe for now I will just try to lower the settings a little and try to age the account myself (especially since it’s not TOO spammy).

I think I just have to try and worry now about making my account not too spammy for other users.

I’m new to the forum :stuck_out_tongue: It would be cool if you guys had some sort of page that linked off to “Twitter”, “Pinterest”, etc (all the social media platforms), and then when you click on… say Twitter for example… then it would have another few links that you could click through to view different setups/builds/settings for mass planner. Like maybe each setup could be labeled with something like… “These MP twitter settings are very aggressive” or “have low aggression”, etc.

Anyways… Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue: But is there anywhere around here I could find some settings to ensure I’m not getting to high of a ratio? Or is that just not possible? Or something I have to try and figure out for myself? :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry I’m a noob. New to the forum and MP.