Follow/unfollow restriction

Hey Guys,

So I used the follow/unfollow method on my personal acc on and off since last year and could add around 200 per hour and unfollow 5/600 an hour - or at the very least a total of 600 actions. In the last day Im finding that I’m only able to add around 30/40 per hour - has anyone else noticed a drop?

Previously you used way much higher limit than the normal. 30-40 per hour is safe but several hundreds per hour is crazy. :smiley:
You should slow down or they will ban you.


oops haha I would occasionally get temporarily blocked but never had this limitation before - to be fair its on my personal account which i kind of pick up and put down as i feel, sometimes i go a week without posting tut tut so have only been doing it a few days out of every month to give myself a bump

Yeah slow down you should stick to under 60 actions per hour. Pretty sure the only reason you havent got any verification or ban is because its a personal account. Stick to 30-40 a hour you do have 24 hours in a day ya know.


Haha true, I don’t use a bot and its not important enough to be to be doing it all day everyday, used to just do a sweep of 200 a couple times a day, took 10 minutes. I hear than instagram is doing its annual clamp down and lots of accounts are getting deactivated at the minute so i had best be careful lol

I wouldn’t stress too much personal accounts on your phone is as safe as it gets usually. But yeah I would just spread it out find a nice little schedule where you follow 40 or so people every few hours.


You definitely want to slow down your following and unfollowing. I also think that if you get too many temporary bans you will actually get banned so watch out for that. Just slow down for maybe a few days or a week and gradually increase it, just keep in mind that in most cases ig only allows 60 acions per hour unless you play it safe long enough and then you might be able to go over that


Yeah, i use this actions, this save for 60 action/hour, but it’s very safe for 30-40 action/hour. Ig can’t be 200/120 minute.


When you guys say actions per hour, you mean f/uf only or likes too?

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No, the actions are intend for type. F/U - Like - Comments - are three type of different actions!

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It’s all about the age of that account. After using normally (warming up) every week/month accounts have more activity limits. It’s just Instagram algorithm that flags the accounts depends on age and activity


thx for your wisdom @ciposta @paulmic20 @octopurba