Follow/unfollow still ok nowadays?

Hi guys, I read the other day in another IG forum that it is very likely with the new algorithms that follow/unfollow might be well getting penalised with a shadow ban or reduced reach. Does any of you have such observations? I’ve been using the follow/unfollow method up till now, my account has 2.5k followers and gets anywhere b/w 150-300 likes per post. So was just wondering should I continue with this or is it really that bad nowadays?

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I noticed that in the last 2/3 months…

When i start the follow/unfollow 5 months ago i was having 4k followers (on my IG profile) and at least 200-350 followers a day (wich is absurd high) but lately i’m at 12K and i’ve “only” 80 to 200 followers a day with less comments, and less reach…

I think that Instagram is continously trying to “blocks” profiles that use bot or in general spam actions…

Btw, i will not stop the f/u till i reach 30k followers

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Thanks for the reply, good to know. That is why I’ve raised the topic in the first place to try and collect feedback from others, see if they’ve noticed something similar. I also think that if I stop the follow/unfollow the followers I get on a daily basis will drop, so I’m also planning to use it at least until 10k.

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That’s absolutely fine (i think)… I will grow my profile till i’ve a good daily follow and i’ll not need the follow/unfollow tool :slight_smile:

do not believe everything you read. if it works still now, it will work today. keep on f/u and grow


I didn’t said that f/u doesn’t work, but that in the last months i noticed an absurd drop of engagement, i don’t know if it’s Instagram fault or f/u fault

Instagram algo. My accounts that don’t f/u hit also


Is there any case study of this drop of engagement?

Maybe the chronological order that was replaced with the popular order?

Yes …Facebook. Gotta feeling it will get worse

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The problem here is that is very difficult to give a cause for the drop in engagement. It can be everything.

Reality is that Instagram gives more place to paid advertisements… Normal people follow more accounts, but spend the same amount of time looking at their feed, which automatically means that they will see less content per account, causing a drop in engagement for the accounts they follow.

I noticed this myself with my own private account. I follow about 400 accounts, but from most I never see even 1 post. It is like I am not following them. I spend about 15 mins a day on IG. There is a limit to what I can see, and Instagram filters most of it out of my newsfeed.


Tha’s a nice observation, i never thought that…

Couple years ago Facebook slammed us page owners with a 98 percent drop in people who saw our posts. Reached in one week went to 1 to 3 percent. It would not suprise me if they do it again. Possibly not now, this could be update stuff eg is so down however I expect it sooner or later


Do you think that in the future the engagement will be updated to the previous one or this drop could be a start point for others “bad” updates?

Only time will tell because nobody knows and a guess is stupid on my part

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Facebook engagement will drop even more in the coming months with the Explore feed release. All business page content will move to a separate feed, and you will have to create super engaging content or pay Facebook to reach your audience. Expect a MASSIVE increase in fake profiles, bots, spam messages & friend requests as soon as the update hits Tier 3 countries.

Instagram isn’t so bad yet, but yeah it’ll get there eventually. Same management, right? This would be a very good time to start early adoption on new social media platforms.

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…totally agree! but… without follow/unfollow your follower number stagnates…

so it’s up to you. Whats more important for you?

Followers? Engagement?

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