Follow Unfollow - Will my engagement go down?

I’m about to try F/U again to grow my account and I’m willing to lose some of my engagement as long as I get more followers…

Would you recommend it?

Yes, you are gonna lose some engagement, but in the long run you will gain more than you lose plus everyone is doing that, it’s a main technique to start your account towards organical growth.

I’d say go for it. It doesn’t have to mean you’ll lose engagement. Just make sure you stay within reasonsble limits.


Target people who interact with posts, not just followers alone. You have two choices

  1. follow the followers ( need fewer sources but not assuring if the interact with the account)
  2. follow the ones who like and comment on posts of sources. ( you will need a much higher number of sources as they are fewer than just followers)

it will help you grow, there will be a time when you will not need to f/u because it will grow on its own and your job is the make that time asap.


What is best next, commenting or DM ?

just like for now until you get experience. commenting has risks. DM is very very risky and imho now worth it for majority of niches.

The best source to gain followers via f/u was to target the people that have post notifications on for accounts in my niche…I’ll leave that to you how to figure out who has :stuck_out_tongue: