Followers but Not Growing & Not Engaged

Growing my Insta and Twitter accounts for a gossip/news/celebrity website
I’m adding hashtags to each post, commenting, liking & following users who follow other celebrity/gossip/news accounts.

Having a hard time growing followers (around 350 for Insta & 1K for Twitter, and those numbers haven’t been growing in awhile), but also my current followers don’t engage much.

On Insta, I would get likes and a random new follower once a week maybe.

On Twitter, my posts get ZERO engagement. No likes, no comments, nada.

Here too I would get a random follower every week or so.

I did not buy any of my followers. They all came from hashtagging, which I think is the issue.

There must be something wrong that I’m doing with my hashtags. Maybe not enough? I read there should be 20-30 hashtags per posts, but I’m having a hard time finding that many hashtags for celebrity/gossip keywords. I’ve added “news” but that is very broad and untargeted.

Right now I have #celebrity #celebs #gossip #entertainment #news #tabloid

Do you guys know of any hashtag lists related to celebrity/gossip? I thought about listing all major celebrities names, but that would not apply, i.e. if I’m posting about Ryan Gosling and I hashtag #madonna

I’ve gone to and the tool expands to keywords too unrelated.

I’ve also used Focalmark app. but there is no category for celebrity/gossip.

Do you see / know of any other issue for this case?

Thank you for your help @Adnan @euhero or anyone :slight_smile:

I am sorry to say it but the probability that your content is not good is very high. If people don´t comment and like, they are usually not interested.

Your main focus should be to make your content better first. Is it written interestingly? Are the pictures convincing? Are the pictures high quality?

How many people are you following each day, how many posts do you like?
It needs to be a good amount to keep people coming.

Yes you will need more hashtags, go to sites which post similar stuff and check out what they are using.


thanks Tobi. I will take a long hard look.

Just found your IG on the website. Yes, picture are bad quality. The text doesn´t really tell me anything. It looks super spammy.

Also don´t use hashtags in your bio.

Use related hashtags on the pictures. Take out the out of the pictures. They are not yours anyway.


I was about to make these same suggestions after finding the account as well.

First, update your profile picture so the logo doesn’t get cropped. Then proceed with the above. is a good site for finding related hashtags based on a keyword, to start with.


thanks for the suggestions!

thanks for the tip!

I thought you were kidding, but…

You’re account is only following 27 people! How do you expect to gain followers? Enable the Follow tool. For sources use “Follow friends of target accounts” and “Follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts” with the target accounts being those of other celebrity and gossip sites.

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thanks @dwayne. I initially followed a bunch of ppl, then I started the unfollow tool because I saw the engagements of my followers was low. I will restart the follow tool with the features you mentioned