Followers decreasing?

Why when I’m trying to follow a lot of people on my theme page every time I follow 10 then my following doesn’t go up in fact instagram drops my followers less?
Example : 200 following then I follow 10 people instead of it going to 210 following it drops to 198 following?

how is that even possible? :grin: are you sure you are not using any unfollow software or something else?

You are not unfollowing anybody not manually not by using some automation bot? Maybe IG is disabling those IG users that are your followings.

I admit, I was baffled a bit by this scenario. Nonetheless…

This is probably the most reasonable explanation. I discovered people also deactivate their accounts periodically, for many unique reasons. So your followers would drop for every user who does so.

I agree that it’s accounts disabled by Instagram because I also noticed that I have lost some likes in posts

yes, that could be the reason guys, but that fast, I don’t think so, and as you can see he said “every time I follow 10 then my following doesn’t go up”.

can you try more than 10 follow, like 100 per day, and see?