Followers from commenting on IG's official post

I noticed an interesting strategy: Some people comment on Instagram’s official post and get crazy amount of likes and followers.

Example from IG’s recent post:

At first I thought, the first ones to comment get huge likes. So, I did an early comment and nothing happened. The people who hole more likes even posted later than I did.

I did check few profiles and seems like most are TikTok users and some are just random people. Common thing is that they all have more than 10K followers.

Has anyone tested this strategy or know how this works?

Maybe they buy some likes on their comments :s I don’t really know if that is possible :hushed:

But I am curious if someone has some insights about this :cowboy_hat_face:

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I believe the real strategy behind those comments is:
Buy likes for your comments (or getting those likes somehow) --> comment on big organic profiles --> get on top of the comments list --> gain followers/profile views.


Yup, when I was working with IG before I discovered automation I found a another account with a similar phenomenon. I eventually came to the conclusion that there are people who turn on notifications, comment immediately and buy likes for the comment.

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This makes sense!

Wouldn’t those accounts be the first to go if ig was ever to evaluate its profile? It seems kind of like a honeypot of sorts for them to even have an account IMO

Interesting… seems like they are buying likes and driving traffic to their account. Their engagement rate is completely down the drain, any ideas on what they are doing to monetize?

What I noticed is that some accounts comments weird sexual shit with hot girls pic as profile picture and then they have a cpa link in their bio