Followers increasing, engagement rate dropping

Hi! Before the big algorithms change in 2019 I’ve been at around 5000 followers, getting 300-800 likes, sometimes even 1000, instagram showed my posts to around 1200 people through feed and 1000-4000 via hashtags. Now I’m on 9000 followers, but reach didn’t change, its got even worse because hashtag reach now is around 100-700… Its so frustrating, I just can’t understand what I’m doing wrong? Content quality didn’t change, at some point it’s even increased, no blocks for a few months, regular posting…

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they want your money, just pay for facebook ads )

I’m from poor country, so it’s not a way for me))) when I tried them a few months ago it didn’t change anything in my reach

Do you use the same set of hashtags each time you post? How often do you post per day?

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I usually post once in 2-3 days, some popular artists from my niche said that its works better than posting every day, yes now Im using same hashtag set, tried to change it and dont use them at all, didn’t notice big differences

Maybe try to stop posting for a week and to include more hashtags into your posts and see how it goes.

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Thank you, I’ll try! Hope it will work…I used different tactics, experimenting with quantity of posts per week and tags, but activity and reach are always stayed at almost same level for more than a year, no matter how much followers I have