Followers origin

Is there any way to check where my followers come from?

Sign up for iconosquare one week trial, you would get one of the best stats about your followers. Only thing is you cab only check stats for two IG accounts at once

Alternative solution: Upgrade your Instagram account to a business account by linking your facebook account to the IG account. This would first make it harder for the account to get banned, and second, It will allow you to see all your statistics using the Instagram app.

This may not be a good idea if you are using multiple accounts on proxies since you will have to setup your phone to use that proxy, along with changing your phones userID, and other identifiable characteristics which Instagram tracks. In this case, you could use BlueStacks as its easier to change the proxy, and there is an app which allows you to spoof your userID and other identifiable characteristics. BlueStacks is a phone emulator so you can use it just like your phone but on your computer.

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Thanks Brandon. Do you know if there’s a way to prevent being followed by users from certain countries/regions? Or, alternately, mass block / mass unfollow all followers from a certain region? Thanks!

Hey Brandon,

BlueStacks is a phone emulator so you can use it just like your phone but on your computer.
=> how many accounts is it safe to create / day in BS before deleting the device ID and stuff?
Does this method work with FB?..

Many thanks!

One should be generating a new device ID, Google Advertising ID, GUID, and Android ID in BlueStacks for each new account that one creates.

I highly doubt this feature. The reason being is the only way you can determine the location of a user is based on pictures they post which contain GEO tagging. Instagram does not publicly share the location of every user so therefor it is impossible to create such a filter.

Your Options:

  1. You can change your follow and like settings to follow users who are following other accounts that are local in the areas you would like to target

  2. You can make your account private (Not recommended), and confirm the followers you want to follow your account.

  3. You can monitor your new followers, and manually ban the ones you do not want to follow you.

If anyone else has something better to add, please do! :slight_smile:

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Hi @BrandonBerner why do you not recommend to make accounts privat ?

I am interrested how making accounts privat or public will affect conversions

If you post pictures as a private account, your pictures are not publicly viewable. This means you will not benefit from using hashtags, and posting pictures to try and get more followers (the only unlimited white hat method to gain followers).

As a private account you are only limited to your showcasing your content to your own followers and no one else.

Your only method of gaining followers is going to be by using black hat methods such as following/unfollowing, liking, and commenting on other sources. All these methods have limits, which will also limit the amount of followers you will grow each day.

When you post pictures with good hashtags, there is little to no limit since thousands to millions will see your posted picture. This will result in much more followers.

But if you have a catchy an interresting profile pic + username + bio maybe the follow ratio increase cause of that ?

what you think brandon ?

It all depends on your strategy. Test it out and see how it works.

I personally would never go private unless I have posting adult related content which would get flagged by randoms if the account is public.

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