Followers vs likes question

Question on followers vs likes. I started a Tik Tok account in May with Disney Tips and other Disney contents. The followers have been increasing at a slow but steady pace, but when I look at other users with similar number of followers (a little over 3k) their numbers of likes are in the hundreds of thousands while my account is just at a little over 16k. What am I doing wrong?

If Accounts with 3K followers get hundreds of thousands of likes and they are not converting to Followers then they are doing something extremely wrong. Do not compare likes on Tiktok. The ForYou Views can be high or low and so can the likes be.
Also if you check Tiktoks be sure to check the not good performing ones to get your Base line. Not Tiktoks that got pushed out to a lot of people

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you did not buy followers right? if no then there is nothing to worry about you need better content especially if you followers are all real, you can try and clean them a bit and remove all non-interacting ones.

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Thanks guys! The followers are all genuine followers. I had just figured that my content was good so people who see my posts tend to start following and that Disney is just a saturated market so the posts doesn’t get seen enough, thus the lower view/likes. But when I watch other accounts and see what they have, I start to doubt my theory and wanted to be sure I wasn’t doing something wrong :stuck_out_tongue: