Following accounts from my region or country

Hi … I’m from Asia and I’ve set up about 100 international big brand accounts followers as sources and also the same as people who interact with the accounts.

I’ve been seeing a large number of local accounts being followed. My question is … does IG somehow show geo targetted accounts when showing results? My account was created using my local mobile IP.

If this is true, how can one go around this?

Thanks in advance.

Not really sure about that. But it’s possible that those local accounts you were mentioning were actually following your target accounts too.

Yes I do understand that but the percentage I’m seeing is kinda glaring to ignore.But then again I might be seeing too many things too long. It’s been a good 18 hours work day :smiley:

Go get some rest :slight_smile:

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I don’t think they do, they must be seeing other commonalities, after all what does it matter where you’re from, it matters a lot more what you’re interested in.

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