Following ban while doing manual F/UF

So last month i hit 10k and after that if i do more than 10 an hour follow i get instantly ban from following people and next day ban lifts up I don’t know what to do i only doing F/UF on one account fully manually

Try to rest account for a couple of days.

Do you just access to it from your phone app?

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Yeah i am doing from my phone app only f/uf nothing else

Ok i will rest it for a week

Seems that your trust score got lower because of the block. Just lower your actions and increase slowly. Max 200 follows / day.

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I can’t even do 75 f/uf a day i will try to rest the account and try slowly

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Your trust score has been decreased due to blocks.

I’d stop all F/UF for 7 days and use an instagram ad to help repair your trust to the right direction.

You mean I should attract with ads or run ads

You said you cant do even 75 f/uf per day that is 150 actions total if you do both at same day, most of blocks happen when doing unfollow so try to avoid that and only do few days F only then at end of month do cleaning 7-10 days unfollow but still be careful. And I think you don’t need to run any Ads or that it will help you at all. You need to pause 7-14 days and start again but decrease the number of actions.

Ok thanks for advice but I don’t do uf 75 times it’s like 25 or 30 on same day

Run ads. Give IG some money over a few days and your account will be out of the blocks sooner.

Thanks for the advice bro but I don’t have a money to run ads i think I shouldn’t do any actions because i am getting 100 -150 follows in a day so yeah