Following in the embedded browser

This question is for anyone using Embedded browser only for their actions.

How many follows are you able to do a day, on average? How many temp blocks do you recieve on average?

I don’t use the EB, because I couldn’t get contextual follows to activate with it for some reason, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this to find out why, when jarvee is running in eb only mode, it’s supposed to be identical to us using the IG with a regular browser? I honestly think, even while in EB only mode that it’s leaving alot of footprints behind… as the past 4 days I’ve been running a couple accounts manually in the browser, and have been able to follow 250-300 people a day… and this is just following regularly going down followers list… NOT doing contextual follows. As far as I’m aware, if you dont use contextual follows you’re going to get alot of temp blocks. And even when using context, you’ll get some temp blocks. I’ve experienced only 2 temp blocks in 4 days, shouldn’t we be able to replicate that in jarvee?

I don’t know where the leak is, but there is definitely something that is making it obvious to them that were using jarvee even while doing EB only… and that really shouldn’t be that case this far in the game. Atleast in my opinion. Maybe the whole EB part needs to be rewritten, or gone thru with a fine tooth comb… but if that leak was patched, there would be a significantly
alot less temp blocks.

On a final note, I want it to be known yes, I’m using the same connection and accounts that I once attempted to use with EB only, and I’m doing strictly follows only manually on these accounts… no likes, or story views.

Well, I’m able to get some accounts up to 200 follow a day using EB+context+scrappers, that been said, the best way to deal with Jarvee is testing and see what works for your accounts, the EB is not always the best solution I have accounts that are doing great using the API, as for the blocks some of my accounts might get 1 block per 7 -10 days and some of them are working very well. so bottom line, testing-adapting is the best method ever.

Yeah, I’m using full api emulation and find that I get less issue then when using EB.

I’m just trying to point out that there is definitely some type of footprints being left behind, even while using Embedded Browser Only. And if this issue was addressed, and corrected the performance that would be coming out of accounts using just EB would be 10x better.

Take 10 minutes out your day for a week and run an account manually in the browser… just following peoples followers list… No likes, comments, story views, DMs… nothing… .Just follows… and you’ll see you’ll be able to follow more than you are doing now in jarvee. Same accounts, same connection, same chrome browser.

I understand what you are referring to but I did what you suggest multiple times these last months and I couldn’t go above 250 follow without a block I even tried it in the last few days, I was never able to go above 100, I don’t know, maybe my Ip is bad or something, but I will keep what you said in mind and keep testing. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

My take on this is that Jarvee’s aproach on this whole contextual thing is good for preventing blocks.

Jarvee’s EB does not appear to mimic human behaviour. If i use the scraper to scrape all the likers of a post and then tell it to like 1 random picture of each liker of that post, what it does is, the scraper extracts 1 post from each of these likers and sends it to Mother account for it to like it. Mother account is using EB 100%. So here’s what your actions with context enabled will look like to instagram.

  1. Mother account is usinng EB
  2. It scrools the feed for some time
  3. it accessed a specifc post URL (it manually paste url in the browser i guess)
  4. it liked that post
  5. Comes back and does some contextual actions (scrools own feed) and then repeats nr. 3 and 4

I mean, what human goes in EB inserts a specific instagram url (with no context at all) and then it likes or follows that acount or picture?

Best solution is if Jarvee would set EB to mimic houman behavioural context. One simple solution would be this: I give Jarvee 1 post URL and tell it to click on the likes of that post and Follow all the likers from that pop-up window while skipping a few users to make it human. Same goes with likes, click on each user from that pop-up window, and from user’s profile like any 1 picture and then come back to the pop-up list and follow the same steps for next account etc. That’s true context… And i don’t think its so hard to implement but it will make a tremendous impact of how ig sees our actions…


Context was working great for a while but in the last week I have started seeing a lot of temp & 7 day blocks, so i have started experimenting with different settings

My new focus has been limiting API calls per hour/day and delays when there are too many API errors, i suspect that has been leading to some blocks

I have even been seeing verified clients getting blocks & that was very rare until recently

I do context f/u & story views, custom list, no scraping by client pages


Yeah, I agree 100% - they did a great job with that… as. It actually was working pretty well in the beginning. But with all good things, eventually it will come to an end. If they would of implemented the feature silently, with less attention on it… maybe it would of lasted longer, but there would still be people that watch the EB… notice the change, and end up making a thread asking what its doing… so there is no real way to release loophole updates without them getting patched quickly.

At the end of the day, although yes the software does leave fingerprints… but it’s the most complete, most updated, public automation software for IG on that market. I’ll give them that, hands down.

I was able to do 300+ , on more than one aaccount. I used residential proxies. I did get a few temp blocks eventually, but alot less then I get using jarvee. My point is, people say constantly mimic human behavior (follow, likes, story views) … and I used to say that at one point too. But I can safely say the only thing I do is follow… without the other tools and I’m able to hit my limit consistently.

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And I just discovered that using contextual actions the links in the source don’t get removed automatically…

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Have you selected to remove poor sources?

I’m on EB unfortunately, that option doesn’t work on EB…