Following limits increase?

Hey, interested In your personal opinion, is there a chance that following limits instagram will increase? Because as I see many innocent people that aren’t using any promo are damaged as well.

from jarvee:

  • it is unclear for now if it’s a bug on their side or
    it’s an algorithm change that will be permanent
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it doesn’t seem its a bug that lasts for 2 weeks, I consider its permanent or its a test

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doubt it. think here to stay.

In my humble opinion is that instagram has only put us in a position to do a better job. They are not interested in eliminating users who use automation services, otherwise they would have already done so. With fewer actions, our actions must be better, otherwise customers will no longer pay us. In my opinion, this block has damaged more those who use instagram for spam and cpa actions, compared to those who manage customer accounts. Sorry I went on, I don’t think instagram at the moment will reduce even more the maximum allowed actions. Let us remember that even users who have managed the profile in manual have suffered a block and this is harmful for them. I like to think of it this way: The great shark will always be instagram and he knows that when he opens his mouth he can eat anything. We simply give food to his food and without us he probably would not be able to eat as much as he would like.


Pretty sure it’s on purpose. In my opinion they want us to:

  1. Improve our targetting to engage with the actual target audience and not just spamming everyone
  2. Maybe use more “likes” and “like comments” to improve the overall enagement on the plattform

Pretty smart move by them if you ask me!


I think so too.
In addition, there were many “porn” spammers, “politics” etc.
Certainly they tried to limit it.
Companies that do “promoting” (intelligently)
They are not afraid of any losses, because this change is a better plus.
You must now apply to quality and not to quantity.
So I’m glad that the spammers will be very limited, which gives me more clients to my company :slight_smile:
People will eventually begin to open themselves to promoting companies.
Because they will notice a change to a very high quality.
Companies for 20 $ will also leave unchaste.
QUALITY! NO QUANTITY :slight_smile: