Following not following back query

First time poster here so apologies if this has already been addressed searched and could not find answer so perhaps I am using the wrong search terms…
I want to see a list of who I am following that is not following back. The only way I have been able to do this in the past is to do a scrape from a throw away account then of followers then a scrape of following and then performing a vlookup in excel. Is there a better way? Any insight would be great :slight_smile:

There are umpteen number of apps on google play which will tell you those users who donot follow you back. If you want the list on an excel, you can put in the list of the people whom you are following in the scrape tools and jarvee will give you an excel telling you, who are following you and who arent

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You can use Jarvee contact tool to scrape followings (followings/username), and use the filter “User is not following this account (skip followers)”. The results can be exported as CSV file from Use Extracted Users tab.