Following "peculiar" people with F/U on Jarvee

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I am new here and its my first topic so please go easy on me :wink:

I have been using Jarvee on several accounts for the last few months with mediocre success (growing around 500-1000 followers a month) and decided to take up my first client.

I think I picked up the right Follow sources with similar accounts to her (within the same fashion blogger niche) and all was going well until just recently she started complaining about the automation following a couple of people with indecent pictures bordering on pornography. One of them being a transvestite who had his trouser snake out in the open in some of his/her pictures and also some young kids accounts (you can assume it doesn’t look too great if you see someone following a combo of kids and pornographic accounts).

I was lucky enough that the client is just a friend of mine so we just laughed it off and unfollowed these accounts (it was just a few of them) but I am not sure how I would deal with that if that was an actual serious client. I can only imagine how bad it would go with the worst case scenario being sued for defamation.

I have double checked all of these indecent accounts and my filters and I doubt it would be possible to set an appropriate filter in the bio/name/post filter section as some of these accounts don’t even have a bio.

Is there a way to avoid these kind of situations? Have you ever had a situation like that?

As infrequent as they may be (I doubt these kind of scenario happens super often) How would you deal with that if it’s your clients account or a business account of your client that your growing?

I think using a word filter would be best. Don’t follow accounts with certain words in them. For example, Porn, Gay, Babes, etc

Edit: just found this list


Whenever I have clients complain about certain followings I tell them that while we filter out a lot of things we can’t stop undesired follows 100%. This is part of what happens in an high scale growth campaign. But I’ll review the accounts and adjust filters however I can to help prevent such things in the future.

I then:

  • Get the account names and offer to unfollow them immediately
  • Review the accounts, see if there’s any keywords/phrases I can use to add to filter
  • Remove the source if all the problem accounts are coming from one source

Since I mute accounts that are followed usually any content those bad followings would have are not in the client’s feed.

The above has always worked for me. Never had a client be upset with my response.


That’s the problem exactly. As I said in the original post I do have the word filters set up. Its just some of these accounts did not even have a bio. Just indecent pictures :thinking:

Thanks for the links! Thats a much more lenghty filter comparing to what I have. It should help to some extent

Well if they don’t have a bio…that’s something you could filter. I typically require all accounts I follow to have at least 30 characters in their bio. Cuts out a lot more crap accounts than good accounts so I consider it a solid filter


Thanks for the reply Tacos! That’s a huge help. Will definitely start muting the followed accounts too

The muting definitely helps :slight_smile:

As a side tip, if your client tends to be an Instagram addict and they’re still seeing content from followings in their feed before you get a chance to mute, consider adjusting the tool to follow & mute during the client’s typical sleeping hours. That way you can get the daily follows done and muted before they even notice on their account.


Thats the issue right there she checks her IG every 5 minutes :slight_smile: Could try that too, but won’t following people in the middle of the night reduce the ammount of follow backs?

One more thing I Forgot to ask - wouldnt this amount of filters be heavy on the system especially if you use it on several accounts?

I’ve never noticed an issue with the FBR changing the time of day…at least nothing worth noting. But I don’t know your you’re working with so it is a possibility. Could always try it for a few days and see what happens.

I’m not sure if a lot of filters is heavy on the system (someone with more tech knowledge of Jarvee could answer that) but more filters typically means more API hits so that’s probably something you have to watch out for a bit more.

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Thanks for sharing, I wonder how long this person took to gather all these data.

Great advice from Tacos. After setting up good filters you just have to observe and adjust as you go, eventually you’ll filter out the vast majority but there will always be some random accounts


I doubt it has much of an impact. The way I assume it works is that it scrapes the bio/comments (depending on the filters applied) and then after scraping it once it simply “saves” it in memory and checks it against each disallowed word.

The cost of this is negligible, fractions of a second at most. Even for thousands of words.

Take this with a grain of salt though. I say this as a programmer, but not someone who has worked on Jarvee. Though it would be fun to work on this probably.

TLDR: no increase in API calls for 3 words vs 1,000,000. Don’t worry about the impact either unless you have an incredibly weak machine.

Edit: typos

I also thought as a programmer before I applied filters in Jarvee.
After experiencing with Jarvee’s filters for a few months now, including asterisks to include a wide amount of similar words, I can say with big confidence that it causes a big reduction in the software’s performance.

I also checked it with their support team and they confirmed that using filters can compromise performance.

Regarding the API calls increase, It is correct that the number of words doesn’t directly affect the number of calls made. But with more strict filters you will ignore more profiles, which will lead you to keep searching, thus making much more API calls per action actually made.

TL;DR Jarvee is a great tool but it has its limitations, for very strict filtering I would consider a custom solution.


there is really no way around this. are you muting the users that Jarvee is following?

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I wasn’t referring to word filters in just the bio but filters in general. For example everything bio/profile related I’m sure is just one API call and at that point just requires CPU to process. But looking for posts with certain captions, posting in story, posted within X number of days, engagement, etc all would add to the API totals.even if for the same user

Just started doing that after tacos suggested it. I’m still concerned it might be showing up on the clients followers feed “clients accout followed an xyz porn account” if it somehow gets through the filters (these funny accounts that jarvee followed didnt have any bio so it was impossible to filter out) .