Followings not counting on manual growth?

I had similar situation with one old main account that I wanted to bring followings to zero (manually on iphone)
I was able to perform actions but the counter went back to the old number after a while and actions were not performed.
Just let that account chill for couple of days and try again.

Clear your cookies.

Since 3-4 days I have the same problem : doing manual F/UF on Iphone and even if the actions seems to be taken into account (an unfollowed account is no more followed when I check it), my followings count doesn’t change at all, it keeps showing desperately the same number. I’ve updated to the last IG version after removing the app and relogin (obviously)…

iPhone have had this issue for a long time (on Unfollow mode) however not on androids anymore. It’s mostly due IG updating and bugging a lot recent weeks.