Followings not counting on manual growth?

Hey guys, just noticed something interesting happening on a few accounts. The followings are not being counted and if you refresh the profile they are gone. If you follow 30 people and refresh the profile they are not there anymore. Is anyone experiencing this as well?

It looks like a lot of people are reporting app problems on twitter and many can’t use Instagram at all, while some reporting tools have crashed since yesterday.


Are you using an iPhone?

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Unfortunately, I’m not using an iPhone. This happens on Android phones

Have you tried to relogin the account?

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We called it ghost block, try to do relog.


I tried everything and it doesn’t work. This is happening on multiple accounts that are not tied together. Tried to log out, deleted cache, updated the app but same results. Unfollowing doesn’t work as well even if I unfollow 10 people.

How long has it been happening for?

It looks like it started 2 days ago but it’s clear that there is something wrong with the app because so many people are having problems and can’t even open it.

Maybe due new update… across 300+ accounts we haven’t seen this yet.

We did not see that issue on our phones either; maybe you are doing something wrong.

Automation of phones is way better than manual.

I also faced this problem but after relogin it solved the problem and i am doing manual f/uf on my iphone

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Same issue here. Tried all of this across iPhone, android and desktop, and still not been able to follow/unfollow for the last 10 days.

It’s happened on 4 accounts of mine, some of them 50k+.

Is your app updated to the latest version?
So far across 450+ accs I cannot confirm this.

Yes on both, iPhone and android.

On one phone I have linked 5 acc, and 3 of them got hit.

It came as “we restrict certain activities” but just once. Nothing like before, when a notification pops up every time you do an action.

That’s a session block then. Relogin the accounts and airplane mode on/off. Make sure Ig is updated to the latest.

I tried all mentioned above.
“Multiple accounts that are not tied together. Tried to log out, deleted cache, updated the app but same results”
Airplane mode 10sec as well.

Hope someone fixed this problem, but as I see from the form, long shot.

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Can be a hard shadowbann. Disable the account for 48-72h then enable and check!

On it! Will update here after 72hrs.

It seems like the numbers are updating after 24 hours or so on some accounts. Is this a bug on from the platform?

No luck at all. Both follow and unfollow are still blocked.
Accounts that I didn’t temporarily disabled are in the same situation.

Don’t think this will solve this problem.