Followliker or similar?

Hey guys,

I have a business account but don’t use my insta much and was looking just to send something like 50 accounts a day. Just to keep engaged with my followers and it appears to insta I use their app a lot.

Does anyone have experience with followliker or anything similar they can recommend? Is it safe if I keep the likes super low?

Many thanks!


Are you just trying to send DMs to your followers?

For any automation that you will use, you should keep the actions low at first, then to gradually increase. You can try using Jarvee via

What’s important as well is that the IG account is not logged in to another device/browser (including the IG app) while you will be doing actions in Jarvee

use jarvee its a good one.

Jarvee one be my first recommandation, justmake sure to start very slowly then work your way up, also, make sure to use scrapers so that you can avoid doing too many API calls with the main account

Would definitely recommend Jarvee. Just do a proper warm-up for the account/s before doing ample number of actions + I would agree with Luca to use scrapers to do the “dirty work” to not exhaust your main account/s

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Jarvee all day… all the way. You can also check their knowledge base Learn how to use JARVEE - the ultimate social media automation tool