Followliker server identifier error

Hi guys

Is anyone having problem with starting the project on followliker ?
Its showing server identifier error, please check your internet connection"
Im sure my internet is working well

Tried to contact support but their website seems not working

Wow a rare user of this software appeared.

Ensure that you have the project set to run automatically upon opening (only viewable if you have multiple projects).

Restart the program (ensure its fully closed including the background). If not, restart your computer.

tried everything though, still showing that error.
are you using FL too ?

I thought that software died like 2 years ago

You should use the follow liker support group. Wait, there isn’t one. GTFOOH #MPFORLIFE lol

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I say this with all love. Get off follow liker.

I remember back in the days when their website was down, the server FL. Connected to was down also. Perhaps both thing run on the same serverplatform. Try BHW instead. You might have better luck finding people still using FL on Bhw.
Good luck.

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