I want to manage 60 accounts. I created some 4G Proxies using raspberry pi.
I have Followliker unlimited accounts license, but i stopped using it for 2 years. When i checked it now i found that it’s still working i should just pay 5.99$ month fees.
But the question that i have, is Followliker still work for mass managing accounts in 2020 or i should buy JARVEE.
If anyone still use it could you rate their service please? 0-10 :no_mouth:

You are comparing a Hyundai with a Ferrari :slight_smile:


This couldn’t get any simpler than this.
Nice one dude :smiley:


It’s not even Hyundai, it’s a 1998 Honda Civic, lol…


Follow liker still works :open_mouth:

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Hey Man.

Can you please detail the process as to how you created the proxies?

Well, for sure Jarvee is way better than Followliker. More updates and also you can do a lot more things also you can randomize and customize a lot of things

Honestly. It really depends on what you are doing.

IF you are looking to get creative at all, then its obvious.

If you are using the software for one or two actions at most… Well I’ll leave that to you to decide.

With FL, if you had your license before they implemented the monthly fees, your account is grandfathered into the old model (no fees).

Haha, I built my business on Followliker for years and when I came over to JV a couple years ago I was blown away. So many more options, choices and creativity.


jarvee is God Father of all automation platforms

Buddy, here in Germany there was a pretty popular song made around this car. Take a look at the music video, this stuff got retro haha


I thought FL stopped working last year. I’m sure those who tried Jarvee after they had used FL won’t go back to FL. Jarvee has many more features than FL, and their updates can’t be compared to FL.

I never even tried followliker because when I started with automation, people were not happy with it. With Jarvee you will not need any other automation tool.

Jarvee all day long, there is no comparison the sheer number of tools and flexibility alone make Jarvee better than other softwares

I think Jarvee is the most complete automation software there is on the market at the moment. Cheers

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