For clients dealing with AC Message

hey guys,

Just wanted to ask what do you guys say to clients when AC messages hit?

Long time clients for me know by now and send me a new password right away. Doesnt happen often, I think the most is one client which is maybe once every 3-6 months. However some new ones get spooked - I tell them its cause of the multiple login and that once a new pass is set, it will return back to normal.

What do you guys say to limit clients from potential quitting?

Many thanks!

you need to explain to them exactly what happens and that AC is mostly caused by multiple logins and doing actions from multiple devices at the same time, IG can detect that easy.

I think you should have a canned reply that explains that exactly with screenshots, and the exact steps that they should do and stuff like that so that the client understands and cooperate with you.

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Thanks Luca,

Do your clients ever experience this?
I am able to run smoothly, but clients cannot upload or follow or like. Even though it runs fine in J. Do you guys just pause it so clients can upload content or take a day off? or lower settings? Not even running hard just under 175 f/uf per day

Many thanks!

when Jarvee is running and doing actions you should never allow the clients to do actions on the account, that is the main reason why you have AC and all this issues.

What i do is I agree with clients on specific times when they can reply to DM’s, post stories…etc and i make sure to have the account on night-mode or even logged out in some cases until they finished then i’m back to work.

never allow the clients to do actions when J is working.