For those running comments

Hey all, for those running comments, just wondering what are your daily comments limit like per account?

I currently have a few accounts doing comments tagging the main account. I am wondering if its better to mix in a few “normal” comments within your limits, for example:
if I do 10 comments per day, 7 comments will be variations of "follow account @blahblahblah and 3 of the comments will be “great post!” to get comment likes

What do you think?

Have you tried making 10/10 comments tag the profile?

I was getting blocks on some accounts but have heard of people doing way bigger numbers without any issues.

are you doing them manually ? I do more than a 100 comments per day manually on the phone and no problems or blocks

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Ive been smashing comments, doing about 150-170 a day manually, the max i think is 200, never managed to do more that without a block. Just make sure the comments are unique.


how do you keep accounting how many comments you already did in the day?

I always like the picture I comment on :ok_hand:

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Tagging a profile in them or nah?

You’re doing this legit manually?

Yes, tagging a profile.
Step 1 - make a niche related account
step 2 - give it to a kid and ask him to comment
step 3 - buy him 1k followers for his work
step 4 - make bank

Good to hear the huge numbers being done manually. If we do it all through EB (fed with scraped usernames) without any API calls then that’s the same as doing it manually right?

hey that sounds good how many comments are you doing per hour? you must be doing it in cycles right.
also what kind of profiles do you select to comment? via hashtags? how is it helping the account grow?

i dont believe it is the same tbh

I have been commenting manually with literally no blocks on my account. Manually it all works, i like and comment and follow via hashtag. Can do 200+ easily per day. Now how can we configure this so its done on the bot? Like how can we emulate like its on a phone…? There has to be a way.