Forgotten password, log in via FB...WTF

Hey folks,

I have a custom question…WTF?!

Account 90k image never used automation.

Client forgot password…
Client is able to log in via FB…
After log in he is not able to reset password since he doesn`t know last one…

After log out and trying to recive new password there is this error:

Tried to change phone number, same…
Tried to change email, same…

Also not able to change username:

Handles cannot be changed through normal means on verified accounts.

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Thanks mate for quick reply.

Do you know if contacting support is the only way?

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Try contact support. Certain portals can allow you to request for a name change though it’s very hard for them to be approved. The new handle generally has to be related the the account holders name or the account holders business.

It’s impossible to alter the name without contacting support.

Also it`s impossible to send request for new password…thanks, send email to IG also chatting on Messenger.