Found the reason for the massive blocks Well, how can it be solved?

Hello, I finally found the reason for all the blocks. Let’s confirm your identity. The Jarvee program. I think others do not know how to deal with this problem. We still have to manually check. Is there a block there?

You don’t click the checkmark tomorrow will be like this ((

You can select the account in Social Profiles, click on ACTIONS ON SELECTED PROFILES - and choose FIX GET HELP SIGNING IN. Did you try that?

It doesn’t work well.
My way to be aware of it is add all my account to phone + jarvee : post through the phone but doing actions (like) with jarvee.
I found it less complicated and easy to fix any issue fast.
The phone use the same proxies as jarvee.

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How did u setup your phone for proxy use?

I used a guide on b h w to create the proxies (mainly use for twitter) for instagram I put the phone and jarvee on the same proxies connection.
It help me reduce, many issue. :woman_shrugging:

I went into the manual and did just that.

I think IG didn’t show the Confirm It’s You to Login page on all accounts with Ge Help Signing In status. Only some account got that captcha page. Did Jarvee show Captcha status or Temporary locked status when you got this page on EB?

Greetings. I get such checks for scrub accounts and the original. I even received such pictures several times a month. And it’s good that I accidentally checked the account through the browser and saw this picture!

And yes, I can’t restore some accounts for a month now. How to deal with this and why do they fly is the question?

Did you try changing proxies to see if it helps?

I’m afraid of getting my accounts banned, so I’ve set my Jarvee to solve captcha and phone verification automatically. Hopefully no more account gets disabled.

who knows why IG is doing all of this, maybe they are trying to fight back, you should keep things safe (settings proxies and all of that)

Here is the continuation of the bad side!

what actions did you do prior to that issue?

Please keep us updated today. I’m curious whether you can recover your account or not.

I did not make complicated settings. But there was a block.image

This I restored yes. But where the button was not pressed in time there are blocks (And I can’t restore them. I do a reset, I’ve been through the opera and the torus and the android is clean. It doesn’t work minus 2 accounts. Is there a way out of these blocks in the program?