Found this account with 80mil comments and counting

Hello Everyone,

I found this profile with 1 picture and 69631.26% engagement rate. Guess the account claims to give free likes and followers to people who comment “Done”.

The comment box gets filled with 100s of new comments every second. Maybe it’s useful for you to do manual follow/unfollow with recent active users. Most of the users I checked are from Russia.

Just wanted to share my find if at all it helps you - PROFILE

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The picture was published in 2016… I doubt he is giving free followers and likes for real. Is no one calling him out in the comment section for not giving them free followers and likes?

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That’s an old, defunct cpa account. There are plenty more where that came from.

I :heart: cpa.

Edit- it’s actually not dysfunctional and still being promoted. 4 year cpa campaign, in 1 account… inspiring.

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How are they promoting anything?
No links in bio or anything? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I have no clue, but it seems like some promotional thing like “drop 5 comments and get …” cause I saw people doing comments like “1/5” … “2/5” … etc. Pretty cool nonetheless.